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A start-up company is looking to construct 28 serviced boutique apartments in Nairobi. US$1500000 has already been invested in the land acquisition. The project intends to provide accommodation to travelers who pass by Nairobi for business or holiday.
The management team is well experienced in the hospitality industry and has worked in leading world class hotels in the USA, Europe and Africa.
The experience of the management team will come in handy to put the business on the world map.
The financing will be used for construction of the apartments. Investor will get 49% equity plus a managerial post on the board. The rest of the amount will be taken as debt. The exit strategy is within 6 yrs. The construction will take 18 months.
Investment size: $3,000,000 / min. $2,500,000
ROI: 30% in 1 years
Type of investment: Debt, Equity


Real estate business in Uganda seeks huge funding for mass construction of housing areas in Africa. ROI of 5% promised on a requested $30m investment.
The project will provide services in the fields of retail and residential real estate services. It will also feature the construction of over 100 condominium units on a 2 acre lot, in a prime well planned neighborhood. Of the 100 condominiums, there are 3 bedroom / 2 ½ bathrooms, 110 square meter units. The remaining units are 4 bedroom / 3 bathrooms, 130 square metre units.
It will also consist of meadow roof terraces lounge, restaurant, swimming pool, fitness centre, sauna, aromatherapy steam room, wellness spa, pool side bar, tennis courts, lush gardens, business centre and conference room are some of the attractions. Residential parking, concierge, 24hr security and valet parking are among other services at the proposed development.
This establishment has 149 luxurious townhouses, bungalows and villas within a master-planned community. It has a fantastic serene location, providing fabulous views over Kampala. The neighborhood is known for its contemporary architecture and high-end finishes.
• There are few real estate developers that offer spacious condominiums in the area and the region at large and thus there is ample opportunity to invest in the provision of such services to the public.
•Real estate’s are relatively under developed due to the ever changing market trends and the competitive environment that requires rapid adaption of both strategy and structures of the real estate developers.
•There is increasing cost of construction of structures and homesteads in the region which has led many individuals to acquire already constructed structures which emphasizes the need for the apartments that are to be constructed in the area.
•The project will build strong relationships with subcontractors and investors. These relationships will lead to future projects that will run smoother because we would have worked together before and understand each other's expectations.
Investment size: $30,000,000 / min. $28,000,000
ROI: 5% in 21 years
Type of investment: Debt, Equity


Entrepreneur from Botswana looking for investment to start a Resort with Amusement Park. Land is already available. Funding needed is approx. $60,000,000.00. There is land readily available. The purpose of the project is to bring in tourist in and out of the country as Botswana is an attractive touristic destination.
Our revenue will be generated from the resort itself and the amusement park which will both be open to everyone.
There is currently only one resort and amusement park in Botswana, making it possible for this project to succeed. Currently Botswana is listed as one of the safest countries to visit or spend your holiday.
Project Timeline and Key Milestones
1. Resort and Amusement Design by Architects and Engineers
2. Approval of Design
3. Tendering and Procurement
4. Award of Construction
5. Construction
6. Hand Over
7. Official Opening
The project will take approximately 2 years to complete.
Funding Needs
$60,000,000.00 to complete the project.


We are looking for an equity partner, who can buy stake into our company, to enable us to complete a geochemical sampling and mapping on a local scale.
Our business scope, amongst others, are: general trading, mining, constructions and supply of goods and services. We require fund (at least US$300,000) to complete our geological explorations (preliminary geological survey has already been completed) for the mining of gold and diamonds.
The company has recently acquired three (3) Exclusive Prospective License (EPL) in Namibia. One of these EPL lies to the west of the Tafelberg, the top most cover is alternating sandstones and calcrete formation overlie the Damara Basemenhe. Glassy basalts are also common. This EPL is characterized by low grade Metamo and of the we intruded by little structural deformation.
The prevailing formations are genetically related to volcanic and plutonic calkaline rocks, ranging in age from 1800 to 2020 million years. Mineralization model – Previous drillings have indicated that the ore generally consists of copper showings were located and classified into 4 different categories. These are: a mineralization associated with granites and volcanic rocks Malchite, chalcocite and to a lesser extent chalcopyrite occurs a long joint as minor disseminations, principally at intrusive contacts and alluvial diamonds.
Another EPL is located within the northern Zone of the Northeast trending inland branch of the Damaran Orogen on the northwest side of the southeast dipping otjohorongo thrust. The area is primarily underlain by siliciclastic rocks of the kuiseb formation. Regionally, isolated outcrops of dolomitic marble may correlate with the karibib formation. Other lithogies include coccasional dolerite dykes assumed to be of karoo age. Damaran age intrusive rocks have not been mapped in the area. As in the whole of Damara Oregen, four deformational events are recognized. Published descriptions of the area describe north-south trending open folding but geological mapping indicates refolded folds in the area. Greenschist grade metamorphism is Dominant. Known gold mineralisation in the area includes the Ondundu deposit, hosted by a series of bedding concordant Quartzite veins in turbiditic sandstone of the Kuiseb formation. Large areas of the proposed EPL are covered by poorly developed soil, gravels and calcrete.

  • Exploration target and mineralisation model:

The Navachab, Ondundu and Otjikoto gold deposits, and many other gold prospects in the NZ and CZ located in the intracratonic arm of the Damara Orogen fall within the broad category of Orogenic Gold deposits and more specifically, they can be classified as sediment hosted vein deposit (SHVDs). Many of the world’s largest gold deposits can be described as SHVDS. Exploration target on the proposed EPL is a large, open pittable gold deposit with a probable minimum resource of 2 million ounce of contained gold. In recent years, a large low-grade resource, hosted by much thinner, cross-cutting, almost stock-worked quartz veins and vein-lets has been discovered. Published accounts of both Telfer and Ondundu suggest a similar setting, geochemical signature and by inference, genesis, for the two deposits.
We are looking for an equity partner (preferably a mining company) interested in gold and diamonds, who can buy stake into our company, to enable us to complete a geochemical sampling and mapping on a local scale, and subsequently, start mining. The estimated cost to do geochemical sampling is US$300,000 (maximum), and the mining costs will be determined afterwards.
Our company will be ready to give up to 80% share in these EPL's - of which the terms and conditions can be agreed upon by both parties, on mutual beneficial basis.

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