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With years of professional experience gained from consulting with various European countries departments for International Trade. Our experience cuts across key sectors including financial, professional & business services, transport, infrastructure, education & training, agriculture.

With our global market reach and Participation we can leverage on the international capabilities and business networks of our strategic partners, whose tremendous range of local and international contacts transcends, understanding of the political and economic environment in Africa; ease of doing business and potential barriers.


InvestAfrica Media Ltd is a consulting and implementation company providing trade promotion and facilitation services to our clients. We also help our clients both SMEs and Corporates to access local and offshore funding.  Our core team is made up of seasoned international trade advisers, with a background gained from working at the various Europe and Africa focused International Trade organisations, who have the experience and networks to support our clients’ needs.

Our team has expertise across a full range of sectors and our clients have the confidence to explore and expand their business in their chosen country. We provide a full range of advisory and in-country support services for international clients looking to access the African market and tailored support for our local clients looking for global connections. Our clients can be assured of professional service standards in terms of quality, professionalism and timely service delivery.


* Strategic Planning and Implementation/Trade Facilitation.

* Providing assistance with market entry by conducting market research and sector analysis reports

* Providing high quality and professional event management ranging from product launches to seminars, presentations, breakfast meetings, luncheons, exclusive VIP meetings etc.

* Programme / meeting arrangement services

* Introductions to potential customers / business partners. Getting personal exposure to the market through visits and identifying quality partners is key to doing successful and sustainable business in the country.

* Background checks on potential business partners

* Organisation of tailored visits, trade missions into and outside Africa. We are very experienced in organizing international visit programmes and have the international networks to draw up  tailored programmes that meet client objectives

* A tailored meet, greet and logistics support for trade visits ---

* We offer a personalised meet and greet service for clients visiting Africa for business or pleasure. This includes

* Updates on the political and economic climate in Africa

* Processing visa on arrival for qualified business visitors

* Airport protocol; services

* Chauffeur services for airport pick up/drop off and transportation during stay

* Arranging secure private accommodation/hotel reservation

* Scheduling meeting appointments

Through our strategic relationships, we have access to a network of investment partners across Europe, Asia and the Middle East who are able to structure finance for clients who require project and trade finance as well as credit lines for financial institutions.

Visa/Immigration Services

Given our background, we are well positioned to help clients with visa applications and other value added services for visas. We have the experience, expertise and networks to support visa services across key countries including UK, US, Schengen areas, Canada, South Africa, Dubai etc.

 We are equipped with the latest information on immigration procedures and practices and can offer the best advice available for the type of visa our clients require.

We offer advisory and consultancy services for visa applications Advisory

* Advise applicants on their eligibility to apply for a visa.

* Advice applicants on support documents needed for the category of visa.

* Inform applicants on how to navigate the online procedure for visa applications

* Inform applicants of the appropriate visa fee

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