In pursuance of attracting FDI into Africa, with our sister publication, InvestAfrica Magazine, we monthly,
chronicle investment opportunities across African countries and has been a bible for discerning investors across the world. We are Goal-oriented, creative and ambitious, we’ll find out who you need to reach, what you want to
achieve and do whatever it takes to get you the best results. What makes us different is that we also have the specialism and understanding that enables us to ‘reach the unreachable’, which includes diverse and minority communities. With several award-winning campaigns under our belt and an experienced and diverse team, we will make your project a success.
By building a strong relationships, through our informative and educative webinars, exhibition & Summit as well as Trade Visits, we develop detailed understanding of your goals, in order to help you reach your target markets effectively. Our principle is to know you our client, your consumer target and we help attract the right market.

Investment Opportunities

We add value to your business, organization and your person by identifying what Investment(s), Market & funding is best and add Value to your business, by attracting quality to your Orgnisation. We create opportunities by connecting people using our skills in:

  • Investor Relations
  • Investment Drive
  • B2B
  • Investment Publication

We also sign post Africa based businesses to open up partnership opportunities, collaborations, exchange of technology ideas and many more. Send email enquiry to for more information.

Business Services

Lead Generation:InvestAfrica Media Ltd’s lead generation and representation service is result focused
and agile. Whether you need full in-market sales representation, support with specific trade shows,
investment missions, and seminars or simply need to bolster your pipeline of trade and investment
leads we can meet your needs.

Effective investment and trade promotion starts with robust strategy : InvestAfrica Media Ltd, develops
practical and result driven strategies for economic development and investment promotion. Our
strategic work is underpinned by our knowledge of real-life best practices from having worked with
Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) on the business side of actually targeting companies for trade
and investment.

Market Intelligence : FDI is a data driven business. We put data quality at the core of all we do. Data is
central to the success of our leading product portfolio and underpins our entire service offering from
Strategy through to Lead Generation.

Off-Grid Solar

While policymakers in Europe and North America debate about the most fitting energy transition strategy for their countries, Africa presents a clean and open slate for renewable energy, especially solar. The race to spread solar power across Africa is now a multi-billion-dollar industry that continues to attract entrepreneurs and investors from within and outside the continent.

What makes solar one of the most attractive business opportunities in Africa right now is the significant potential for off-grid solar solutions.

And the demand is massive. Over 600 million Africans are tired of waiting for energy from centrally-managed power grids that are slow to deploy, inefficient, and inflexible to the continent’s growing power needs.

solar panel, energy, photovoltaic

And on a continent that enjoys over 300 days of sunlight in many parts, it’s hard to beat the value proposition of a product that bypasses the central power grid and meets your energy needs by tapping directly from the sun, a free energy source. That’s why the solar market in Africa has exploded and the number of players in this space continues to grow. A solar systems developer, signed a landmark deal with the government of DR Congo to deploy off-grid solar kits and mini-grids to 2.5 million citizens. In the DRC, it is estimated that over 60 million people are still not connected to the grid.

In Togo, the company has also entered a $4 million partnership deal with the government to supply 300,000 homes with off-grid solar kits. Over $66 million from investors to increase footprint across Africa.


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