Invest Africa Magazine April-May Edition (Electronic Copy)

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Invest Africa Magazine’s April/May edition highlighting the economic and social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on investments both in Africa and abroad.

No one saw it coming. When the bygone, COVID-19, hit China, their government didn’t accept the obvious. A few months later the whole world has gone into a lockdown that is unprecedented and very unsettling.
The Business world has risen to the challenge, Investment promotions agencies, African embassies have adapted their mission to give foreign investors the information they need to navigate the crisis locally.
As vital as they are, these adjustments are minor, compared to the future of rebuilding the African & world economy to a ‘New Normal’.
The pandemic and consequent recession and for those countries already in recession could reach $3000bn in no time.
We all need a new vision to shape the global economy, by extension remodel how we market Africa to the world in this new normal.
We all know that the world will never be the same again.
This edition gives a deep insight into what ‘OUR NEW NORMAL’ will be, going forward. We need a new vision to reshape the Africa economy. We need a new FDI agenda, where the UN sustainable development goals will finally be the number one priority for investment promotions. We need to embrace digital technologies without losing touch with communities.
With each edition of InvestAfrica Magazine, we are creating opportunities and connecting people.

Enjoy your Magazine.


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