Invest Africa Magazine Special Edition (Electronic Copy)

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Invest Africa Special Edition Magazine with a focus on Edo state and its visionary leader, His Excellency Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki.

HE, Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, has taken a private sector mindset into a public office and has been working assiduously hard to change for the better, the lot of Edo State.
From Industrialisation, which is the bedrock of any developmental progress, to healthcare, construction, electricity, social contracts, agriculture, SMEs, he has with his team given Edo State and her people, a sense of purpose and the can-do attitude, of anything and everything is possible if you strategically focus into achieving it.
The last four years of his administration have been all about laying solid foundations for a progressive Edo State, whilst the next four years aptly titled M.E.G.A Manifesto will be to consolidate on the achievements of the last four years and ensure a very bright future for Edo State.

Edo State is lucky to have a solid technocrat with a people-oriented vision, to serve them in the last four years and for the next four years.


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