About Us

InvestAfrica Media Ltd operates with an integrated approach to promote your business through Media, Digital Platforms, Design & Copy. We assist organisations to get into the ever-expanding African market and also assist African based businesses to make inroad into Eroupean, Asian & Middle Eastearn markets.

Our team of specialists understand that multiple channels working together create the best results. In partnership with leading companies from across the continent, we Connect multinationals and larger businesses to credible local suppliers, SMEs.

We improves these SMEs access to skills, contracts and finance to build long term capacity; and Help improve the investment climate and quality of policy discussions in the country.

InvestAfrica Media’s credibility lies in the fact that it has very good contacts in the corridors of power, within the boardrooms of many businesses and industries- especially among top decision makers who rely on it for authoritative news and information.

Along with InvestAfrica magazine, we brings you updates on the latest developments taking place across various business sectors around the globe.

Reasons to Work with Us


InvestAfrica thus provides any investor interested in the varied continent Investing market a strong platform to showcase their products and services. And for governments, organisations and businesses an avenue to tell the world about their success stories.


Because our correspondents and writers are citizens from all continents of the world, each Individual, is an authority on Investment in their various continent and very well-known and connected. They have been able to report it’s affairs with authority. It is this very authority, incisiveness and deep knowledge on World Investment and Economic affairs that is the primary benefit to readers and advertisers alike.


Connecting you to a network of Trusted Global Investments

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